Dear Parents/Guardians,
We appreciate your interest in our school and very much look forward to having you.
We know the challenges involved when seeking admission in a new school, especially if you know little about the school. We have therefore outlined a few steps that will make entering WIS a stress-free.

  • Step 1

Admission form: This form can be bought from the account office or downloaded from our website. Pleases complete the forms and return it to the Admission office either by hand-delivered or e-mail.

  • Step 2

Admission forms will be accepted for review only when:

  • They are fully completed and signed.
  • Copies of students last three terms report cards are attached.
  • All medical forms including medical authorization immunization form and health information are attached.
  • Step 3

Information provided in the admission form will largely determine the eligibility of your  child. However, the following play a key role in that regard:

  • Assessment:- Maths, Science and English Language.

All subjects are taught in English Language, English Language proficiency is therefore a requirement. The school will do an assessment of spoken and written English, as well as mathematics and Science. This applies only to pupils aged four and above.

  • On passing the Assessment, parents will be notified with an official Admission letter from the Admission office either by pick-up or e-mail.
  • In the admission letter, there will be an invoice outlining all fees and a deadline for settlement.
  • An admission, once offered, will be deemed accepted when fees on the invoice are settled in full before the stipulated deadline.
  • Step 4

Once you are admitted…….

Parents should, upon receipt of the Admission letter, do well to secure their place by immediately addressing the following without which your ward/s cannot start school:

  • Payment of tuition and all other fees directly to the designated bank account. Details will be outlined in the admission letter.
  • A copy of the bank deposit slip must be presented to the Accounts office in order to obtain an official Receipt of payment. Please note that payment is only considered complete when the school has issued an official receipt.