WIS Extra Curriculum Activities

Clubs are organized every Wednesday from 02:30pm to 3:30pm. We also hunt for talents on Tuesdays. Every child is expected to belong to these groups. They are allowed to change the groups only at the end of one academic year. The following are the Clubs and talent hunt groups respectively.

WIS Clubs

• Cultural drumming & Dancing
• Girl Guides and Brownies
• Drama and Debating
• Reading
• Sewing
• Atentenben
• Art
• School band
• School Cadet
• Lawn Tennis ( JSS )

WIS Talent Hunt Group

• Cosmetology
• Swimming
• Lawn Tennis
• Bead Making
• Basket Weaving
• Graphics / Textile
• Sewing
• Piano Lessons
• Taekwondo
• Salsa

WIS Physical Education

Physical Education is compulsory and every child expected to take part in it. Children are granted exemption only with the written permission of a medical doctor.

WIS Homework

Homework is an important part of the educational programme designed to reinforce what is taught in the classroom. Each teacher sets his/her own homework assignment based on the subject and level of pupils/students. Parents should check with the school if their wards persistently say they do not have any homework. Children should not use tippex to erase their work. Parents/Guardians are required to sign their wards homework with a pen before it is presented to the teacher at school the next day.

WIS Sports day

Sports day is Friday and starts at 1:30pm. It will normally end at 3:30pm. All pupils /students are requested to take part.

WIS Sections

Each students/pupil will belong to one of the recognized sections in the school named after animals because of their special characteristics. The present sections are:

• Red for EAGLES
• Yellow for BEES
• Purple for SPARROWS and
• Green for DOVES

The attire is worn on Friday for sports.