School Hours

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School Hours

School Hours
  • 0730 hours to 1600 hours - Primary
  • 0730 hours to 1600 hours - Junior Secondary School
  • 0730 hours to 1600 hours - Wednesdays & Fridays ( Activities / Games )
  • 0730 hours to 1600 hours - Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays ( Extra Classes )
The Above Information Is Subject To Change

All children should be in school by 0730 hours. A special effort should be made by all parents to ensure that their children are punctual and regular.

Parents and guardians should ensure that their children /wards get to school on time and are picked up at the times stated above. Sanctions will be applied to parents or guardians who leave their wards in school long after it has closed for the day.

The school kindly suggests that parents or guardians, who consistently have problems getting their children or wards to or from school at the specified hours, enroll their children or wards in schools close to their homes. Arrival at school after 0800 hours will not be tolerated.

The school will not be responsible for the safety of children after school hours